Who We Are

Welcome to the heart of our artistic endeavor, where family, creativity, and passion intertwine to create something truly special. We are Iulianna and Dima, a husband-and-wife team with over seven years of dedicated tattooing experience each, and Vlad, Iulianna’s brother and an emerging talent in his second year of tattooing. Born and raised in Ukraine, our paths crossed in Canada, where Iulianna and Dima met during their college years. Fast forward a decade, and here we are - married for 10 years, blessed with two wonderful children, and pouring our hearts into our family-owned tattoo studio and designer apparel boutique.
Inspired by the boundless beauty of nature, our artistry is as diverse as the world around us. From the intricate details of black and grey and color realism to the sweeping elegance of ornamental, graphic, and blackwork styles, our versatility knows no bounds. When we’re not in the studio, you’ll find us embracing the beauty of our island, drawing inspiration from its natural landscapes to fuel our next creations.
At the core of our studio, you’ll find us working in harmony - Iulianna, with her keen eye for design and front-of-house management, alongside Dima and Vlad, who bring those designs to life on skin. Our collaboration doesn’t end there; within the walls of our boutique, you can explore Iulianna’s exclusive apparel collection, each piece a testament to our love for art and individual expression.
Our space is more than just a studio; it's a home away from home, beautifully adorned with oil paintings by the renowned Ukrainian painter Alla Yevdokimova, the matriarch of our creative family. As you await your appointment, we invite you to relax with a snack and a cup of freshly brewed coffee from our snack bar, making every visit a memorable experience.
Located at 21B 2220 Bowen Road in Nanaimo, BC, our tattoo studio  & boutique stands as a beacon for those seeking to express themselves through art, whether on their skin or through their wardrobe. We invite you to join us on this journey of creativity, connection, and discovery. Here, every tattoo, every garment, tells a story. Let’s tell yours together.