Oil Paintings

On this page you can find some examples of oil paintings by renowned Ukrainian and Canadian artist Alla Yevdokimova. Unfortunately photos don't do them justice, as our paintings have a lot of volume and a very special feel to them. So we urge you to come visit us in person at our art gallery and tattoo studio in Nanaimo.

Alla Yevdokimova was born in Kherson region in Ukraine. She discovered a great passion for drawing in her early childhood and enjoyed leaving the imprint of her own world perception on paper and canvases. The artist was captivated be the unfading beauty of nature, fascinated by every flower and fully valued their charm.

At the age of 14 Alla entered Gogol Ceramic Art School in Myrghorod, one of the best Art schools in the USSR at that time. After graduation she started her teaching career in the art school for children. From 2009 till 2017 she had her own art gallery in Ukraine, and in 2017 moved to Canada. Her paintings were displayed in many exhibitions in Ukraine and North America and are in private art collections in many European countries as well as in Canada and USA.